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Tai Chi Classes

Cost: $10 per class for a series of 12 classes ($120)*

Would you like to engage in a practice of joy, calm, and empowerment? Support your health and wellbeing with an embodied spiritual practice by joining our Tai Chi classes at UUCGL!


Some of the benefits of Tai Chi:

  • promotes relaxation and good health

  • improves balance and flexibility

  • relieves stress and fatigue

  • strengthens body and mind


Tuesdays, 10am | Current session: April 16-July 30*


Tuesdays, 11am | Current session: March 19-August 6**


Sundays, 4pm | Current session: March 17-July 28***

*No classes April 23, June 18, June 25, or July 2

**No classes April 23, May 28, June 18, June 25, or July 2

***No class April 21, June 16, June 23, or June 30

Qigong Classes

Cost: Less than $6 per class for a series of 12 classes ($70)*

Qigong is an old, developing discipline that combines breathing exercises, movement, self-massage, gong meditation, and healing postures to provide a comprehensive approach to self-healing exercise and meditation.


Both Tai Chi and Qigong are great forms of health and healing, but:

  • Qigong is easy to learn, and it can be practiced at home regularly, while Tai Chi requires memorization of movements

  • There are infinite numbers of Qigong styles that suit everyone's level, while Tai Chi movements can be long and challenging

  • Qigong exercises can be practiced while sitting, standing, or lying down, while Tai Chi is a continuous and moving meditation


Tuesday, 9:20-10am | Current session: May 7-August 13

†No classes April 23, June 18, June 25, or July 2



*Payment options:

Please try out the first class for free, and if you choose to continue you may pay at the next class. There is an advance fee of $10 per class for a series of 12 classes ($120) as a commitment to the series and a way to show that you value the teacher and the teachings. Partial and full financial waivers available by request through Rev. Chris Scheller (781-595-8836 x12 or

You may bring a check to class (made out to UUCGL with "Qigong" or "Tai Chi" written on the memo line along with the class level you attend) or mail one to the office (101 Forest Avenue, Swampscott, MA 01907). Alternately, you may pay online at with "Tai Chi" or "Qigong" selected in the dropdown menu. 


All classes will be held at UUCGL in our Parish Hall.   

For questions or more information, contact Chris Scheller at

“Taiji can give you the strength of a lumberjack, the pliability of a child, and the peace of mind of a sage.”

– Asian proverb

Rosie Tan Segil
Rosie Tan Segil is a Daoist Gate certified teacher with over ten years of practice experience. She teaches authentic and traditional Tai Chi (also written "Taiji") and Qigong in the Wudang lineage. Her tradition is a gentle form on the body, known for its health benefits, and welcoming to people of all ages and abilities. She continues her studies with the Daoist monk masters Zhou Xuan Yun and Zhong Xue Cao online and in person, both in the US and the Wudang mountains in China.
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