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Unitarian Universalist Church of Greater Lynn Membership Procedures


Becoming a Member

Under the guidance of the minister, individuals interested in becoming members of the church should engage in a discernment process which includes worshiping with the congregation (in body or in spirit), being in fellowship with the community, attending orientation sessions as scheduled, and talking with the minister.

Those accepted for membership will sign the Membership Book in the presence of the minister (or his/her designee) and one other witness. At the board meeting following the signing of the Membership Book, the minister will review the list of new members with the board of trustees and the board will record the memberships in the minutes of the meeting.

The congregation affirms new members and covenants with them as part of a ritual of welcome during a worship service.


Process for Membership Review

The Certified Membership List* will be reviewed at least annually by the clerk, the minister and the Church Administrator at a minimum. Any member who has not met at least one of the following criteria:

  • been in fellowship with the congregation

  • made and fulfilled a financial commitment of record within the past year shall be identified during the review process and presented to the Board for further review.

Process for Finalizing the Certified Membership List

Each December the minister will present preliminary recommended changes to the Certified Membership List to the board of trustees. The board will review and discuss the preliminary recommendations and communicate any questions or concerns to the minister.

Each January the minister will present to the board the final recommended Certified Membership List for the year. The board will vote on the recommended list prior to the submission by church staff of the annual Certified Membership Tally to the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA). Only those changes to the list that the board votes to accept will be made. Members being considered for removal from membership will be mailed a letter (Appendix F) via certified mail to communicate with them regarding their membership status.

Any former member, removed from the Certified Membership List for the reasons listed above, who makes a formal request to the minister, the clerk, or the board of trustees may be reinstated.

*The Certified Membership List is the approved UUCGL membership.

Revision adopted by the UUCGL Board of Trustees 1/25/16, Revision adopted by UUCGL Board of Trustees 9/23/15; Revision adopted by the UUCGL Board of Trustees, 3/30/15; Adopted by the UUCGL Board of Trustees, 9/22/14.


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