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Our congregation offers a comprehensive sexuality education curriculum called Our Whole Lives (O.W.L.). This curriculum helps young people of all sexual orientations and identities (bisexual, lesbian, gay, transgender, cisgender, and heterosexual) develop the skills and knowledge they need to have safe, respectful, and fulfilling relationships throughout their lives.

The O.W.L. program runs biannually for 7th-9th graders and we will be offering it together with the First Church in Salem beginning in October 2021.


There will be a mandatory parent orientation on October 3rd! The parent orientation and all classes will take place at our church from 6-8pm on Sundays, with some occasional Thursday evenings to avoid scheduling classes on holiday weekends.


OWL is an excellent program that integrates sexuality education and values from the perspective of our Unitarian Universalist community. The program will be taught by leaders from both churches that have all completed an official OWL training course. Parents of our 7-9th grade youth should have already received an email with all the details and an invitation to participate. If not, please email Chris Scheller to let him know! All the details can be found here.

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