We believe that the spiritual journey is a lifelong process. Throughout our years we continue to explore deep questions, to struggle with ethical challenges, and to grow in wisdom, compassion, generosity, and faith. The answers of our youth may no longer serve us in our mature years. The challenges of our contemporary society are ever new and changing. Boundaries of knowledge and of inspiration are ever expanding.

We continue to grow by drawing on the wisdom of the ages, the inner spark of our own spirit, and thoughtful conversation with others.

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As Unitarian Universalists, members of the congregation are committed to seeing themselves and their peers as lifelong learners and we strive to facilitate this through a number of programs throughout the year. All are welcome, if you are new to the community please contact the Church to be added to the class list so we recognize you in the Zoom waiting room!



Parenting Group

Join UUCGL's new parenting group! Facilitated by Chris Scheller, a UU religious professional with extensive experience in family religious education and lifetime learning, the group will meet monthly.

For more information see our calendar page or contact Mary Gatlin, chair of the Faith Development Ministry Team. Hope to see you there!

Zen Stones

Meditation Group

Mornings 7:30-7:50am

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Mindfulness-Based Meditation Practice Group

with Anne Principe, via Zoom

While we are apart, we can breathe together . . .


All are welcome to be a part of a small group ministry to practice mindfulness meditation. Now more than ever, our connections with each other are vital to our sense of calm and hope.


Each morning’s meditation will offer

  • introduction of core concept

  • silent meditation of 5-10 minutes seated comfortably in your own space


Click here for sign up, more information, and to find out what you’ll need in preparation for the practice.


Wisdom Circle

Wisdom Circle

Wisdom Circle is a monthly gathering geared toward seniors to share the perspectives and life experiences of older age. It is intended to be supportive and informative, a program both of faith development and pastoral ministry. 


All are welcome, even if you have not participated before. Looking forward to seeing you! 


The facilitators are Gloria Kozlosky and Ruth Griffin.


Dialogue Group

2nd & 4th Sundays at 5pm

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Dialogue Group
"Dialogue" is a way of practicing deep listening that enables us to share personal experiences and thoughts in a way that collectively builds a more expansive understanding of ourselves and the world around us. The Dialogue Group is led by Ron Fishman who dialogues using the Bohmian Method. The Bohmian Method is a free-flowing group conversation. Participants attempt to experience everyone’s point of view equally and nonjudgmentally. New participants are always welcome.

Dialogue and the discursive meditation are part of the method of Cafh, a path of spiritual unfolding. Click for more information about the discursive meditation, and Cafh here. You can connect to the Zoom meeting here.


This group is currently meeting via Zoom on the 2nd and 4th Sunday of each month at 5pm.

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Soul Strength

Check back for 2021 dates

Soul Strength

Led by Rev. Dr. Victoria Weinstein, Soul Strength offers those who care for others an opportunity for solidarity and support. Caring for others can often lead to despair, isolation, and burnout. Soul Strength creates a safe and regenerative environment using meditation, check-in, and a healing and encouraging message. People of all faiths and no faith warmly welcome as together we care for the souls of those who care about the world.