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We believe that the spiritual journey is a lifelong process. Support and participation in community is essential. The challenges of our contemporary society are ever new and changing. Boundaries of knowledge and of inspiration continue to expand. We grow by drawing on the wisdom of the ages, the inner spark of our own spirit, and thoughtful conversation with others.


All our events and programs for children and adults are open to the larger community.

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As Unitarian Universalists, members of the congregation are committed to seeing themselves and their peers as lifelong learners and we strive to facilitate this through a number of recurring programs throughout the year. All are welcome! Use the contact links in the descriptions or contact the church with questions or for more information.

Also, visit our Calendar page for a list of non-recurring programs and events offered each week!

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Sunday Meditations

Select Sundays, Sept-Jun

UUCGL Sanctuary

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Sunday Evening Meditations

You are invited to join our Sunday evening meditation practice group to take a little time out of your week for restorative silence and reconnection. These one-hour sessions, led by Chris Scheller, begin with a short lesson on a theme from the world’s religions and the science of mindfulness. This is followed by guided and silent meditation and a loving-kindness practice. No prior experience is required. Please register for each session you will attend and to make sure you'll be notified of updates or cancellations.

Click HERE for Rev. Chris Scheller's Mindfulness & Meditation 101.


Tai Chi


10am (Beginner Class)

11am (Intermediate Class)

UUCGL Parish Hall

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Tai Chi

“Taiji can give you the strength of a lumberjack, the pliability of a child, and the peace of mind of a sage.”

– Asian proverb


Engage in a practice of joy, calm, and empowerment by taking our Tai Chi classes at UUCGL! Some of the benefits:

• promotes relaxation and good health

• improves balance and flexibility

• relieves stress and fatigue

• strengthens body and mind


Rosie Tan Segil, is a Wudang certified teacher with more than 8 years of practice experience. She teaches in the Daoist Gate tradition of Tai Chi (also written “Taiji”) and Qigong. Her tradition is a very gentle form on the body, known for its health benefits, and welcoming to people of all ages and abilities. The style she teaches was developed in the Wudang Mountains of China and taught to her by Daoist monk Zhou Shifu.

Sign up or view more information on our classes here.

Beginner classes start January 9, 2023!


Craft Circle

1st and 3rd Saturdays of the month


Skylight Room

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Saturday Craft Circle

All are welcome! The Craft Circle meets on Saturday mornings twice a month (first and third Saturday). This is a continuation of a long-standing group that started at First Universalist Society of Salem over 20 years ago and continued at First Church in Beverly. 


Join us from 10am to 2pm (you may drop in at any time). All sorts of crafts are welcome. In the past we have had people who knit, crochet, weave, bead, etc. People sometimes bring their sewing machines (bringing an extension cord is recommended). People have often brought a packed lunch.


Drum Circle

3rd Sunday of each month

UUCGL Sanctuary

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Community Drum Circle

Our Community Drumming Circle, initially formed over 14 years ago by the (late) Pearl Brown along with Regina Millis, Ricia Fleming and led by Don Goldman, has returned to UUCGL in 2022!


Over the years this group has offered a wonderful embodied spiritual practice, built friendships, and created community. Many in the group play the African Djembe, but other types of drums and percussion instruments are welcome. Suggested donation is $5-$10.


Open to individuals 8 years-old and up, the Drum Circle plays African based rhythms along with free-formed ones, that blend together, in a moving, spiritual way. It is a way to express yourself. You will leave the afternoon feeling inspired and relaxed. No experience necessary! Come out and plan to have an afternoon of spiritual awakening, fun and meeting wonderful people. Drums are available for borrowing, and you are free to dance if the spirit moves you. These events are open to the larger community and so please feel free to bring a friend and spread the word!


We meet on the third Sunday of each month. Click here for map directions.

Zen Stones

Meditation Group

Mornings 7:30-7:50am


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Mindfulness-Based Meditation Practice Group

with Anne Principe, via Zoom

While we are apart, we can breathe together . . .


All are welcome to be a part of a small group ministry to practice mindfulness meditation. Now more than ever, our connections with each other are vital to our sense of calm and hope.


Each morning’s meditation will offer

  • introduction of core concept

  • silent meditation of 5-10 minutes seated comfortably in your own space


Click here for sign up, more information, and to find out what you’ll need in preparation for the practice.


Wisdom Circle

Wisdom Circle

Wisdom Circle is a monthly gathering geared toward seniors to share the perspectives and life experiences of older age. It is intended to be supportive and informative, a program both of faith development and pastoral ministry. 


All are welcome, even if you have not participated before. Looking forward to seeing you! 


For meeting information contact Gloria Kozlosky or Ruth Griffin.


Dialogue Group

2nd & 4th Tuesdays of the month
at 5pm
​ (on Zoom)

Request More Information

Dialogue Group
"Dialogue" is a way of practicing deep listening that enables us to share personal experiences and thoughts in a way that collectively builds a more expansive understanding of ourselves and the world around us. The Dialogue Group is led by Ron Fishman who dialogues using the Bohmian Method. The Bohmian Method is a free-flowing group conversation. Participants attempt to experience everyone’s point of view equally and nonjudgmentally. New participants are always welcome.

Dialogue and the discursive meditation are part of the method of Cafh, a path of spiritual unfolding. Click for more information about the discursive meditation, and Cafh here. 


Newcomers are always welcome! You can connect to the Zoom meeting here



Thursdays at 7:30pm (except summer)

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Do You Like to Sing? Singing together is a special joy and we are thrilled to be able to gather together to share our music. We would love to welcome you as a new (or returning) member.


We rehearse on Thursdays evenings in the sanctuary at 7:30. If you are interested in joining the choir, you can contact our Music Director, Kenneth Griffith, for more information, or just come to any rehearsal.

cooks in the kitchen.jpg

Cooking Group

2nd & 4th Thursdays of the month

UUCGL Kitchen

Sign up here!

Plant-Based Cooking Group    FOR ALL AGES  

Join Our Thursday Evening Plant-based Cooking Group!


Our popular plant-based cooking group for all ages meets on the 2nd and 4th Thursdays of each month. This offering is led by Megan White and designed to create community to cook and eat plant-based food together, thereby reducing the costs of food and helping the planet, too!



  • Individual dinners will be coordinated via email the week of each gathering. The proposed menu will be emailed out on Mondays so that people have time to decide, then participants will need to RSVP by the end of the day on Tuesday to be added to the group email for the week and receive updates, including the menu planned! 

  • Be sure to include any food allergies or special concerns on the initial sign-up form, along with the number in your party (children welcome with adult supervision). The group leaders for the week will choose and buy the food ahead of time.

  • All will arrive at 5pm to join in the cooking of the meal in the UUCGL kitchen. Dinner is typically ready and served at 6pm, followed by cleanup from 6:30-7:15pm or so.

  • Plan on bringing $5 cash for each person to contribute to the cost of the food, or the amount indicated in the group email.

  • The group will meet on the 2nd and 4th Thursdays of each month starting Sept 14th (no meeting on Thanksgiving).

  • We hope you will join us!


Interested? Questions? Please fill out this registration form to join a Thursday meal.

Sunday Evening Meals.jpg

Meals Together

Select Sunday Evenings

UUCGL Kitchen & Parish Hall

Sign up here!

Sunday Evening Community Meals   FOR ALL AGES  

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a fun and easy way to eat together and create community on Sunday evenings? Come join our Community Meals!

Meat, dairy, and plant-based food contributions are welcome! For potluck meals, please specify on the sign-up form what dish you plan to bring. Everyone is expected to help clean up as well. 



Winter/Spring '24 Schedule 

Please reach out to our Minister of Community Life and Learning, Rev. Chris Scheller, with any questions, or just sign up to join us!

  • 1/21: Potluck Community Meal, 5-6pm

  • 2/4: Potluck Community Meal, 5-6pm

  • 3/3: Potluck Community Meal, 5-6pm

  • 4/7: Potluck Community Meal, 5-6:30pm

  • 5/19: Potluck Community Meal, 5-6:30pm​


Parent Group

Select Sunday Evenings

UUCGL Fellowship Room

Sign up here!

Parents & Caregivers as Sexuality Educators Support Group

At UUCGL, we take seriously the idea that parents and caregivers are the primary sexuality educators of their children, and we want to offer support, perhaps even while your child is enrolled in an OWL class! This is a support group for parents and caregivers, particularly of the students in our OWL classes. Sessions are designed to meet the needs of adults raising children of a wide age range, from elementary through high school. Adults will explore their roles as the most important sexuality educators their children will have. Want to see the curriculum? It is available for free here.


The first session for this group will be on 1/21/24 and the last session will be on or before 5/19/24 (all dates are on the  UUCGL calendar page). The group will always meet at the same time as the OWL classes, from 6-8pm, in the UUCGL Fellowship Room. This is open to all parents/guardians of school-aged children. Participants will be asked to co-facilitate one of the sessions and there is no cost to join. To express interest, click here.

Morning Meditation
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