We believe that the spiritual journey is a lifelong process. Throughout our years we continue to explore deep questions, to struggle with ethical challenges, and to grow in wisdom, compassion, generosity, and faith. The answers of our youth may no longer serve us in our mature years. The challenges of our contemporary society are ever new and changing. Boundaries of knowledge and of inspiration are ever expanding.

We continue to grow by drawing on the wisdom of the ages, the inner spark of our own spirit, and thoughtful conversation with others.


At UUCGL, our children and youth programming is dedicated to helping children of all ages explore their big questions in a safe and supportive environment. 

Sunday Morning Programs

Early Explorers

Chalice Keepers

UU Seekers

Junior Youth

Early Explorers (0-4 years old)

Meeting in our newly refurbished Nursery, our youngest participants come together in a spirit of exploration and play. We emphasize developmentally appropriate play, using toys and activities meant to gently encourage infants and toddlers to explore and grow. The Early Explorers are supervised by a trained adult staff member and supported by teen and/or adult volunteers.

Chalice Keepers (5-8 years old)
Our early elementary learners meet in the Mural Room with their teacher and one adult helper. Their curriculum comes primarily through the Unitarian Universalist Association’s (UUA) Tapestry of Faith series. For the Chalice Keepers, the curriculum focuses on developing community through an introduction to UU Principles and an exploration of concepts like love, family, fairness, and so on. This year, the cohort is using the curriculum Wonderful Welcome which helps them investigate different intangible concepts through our “Wonder Box.” Each class features some combination of story, play, and activity that helps to bring the concept to life.

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UU Seekers (9-12 years old)
Older elementary learners meet in our Fishtank Room each week to expand their understanding and awareness of spirituality, ethics, and action. They begin a deeper focus of their own identity and develop tools and questions that help them
become lifelong spiritual learners and engaged, ethical citizens. This year, the cohort is using the Tapestry of Faith curriculum “Windows and Mirrors” which aims to focus attention on the relationships between ourselves and others, individually and collectively. As a key part of their learning, the UU Seekers take on several community and social justice projects.

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Junior Youth (13-14 years old)
As they mature and develop new abilities to think critically and engage with deeper, sometimes difficult, topics, we offer our junior youth more specific curriculum aimed at building healthy and self-aware young people, engaged in a pluralistic world with strong ideals and goals. This year, the Junior Youth are engaged in the Our Whole Lives (OWL) curriculum. Developed in a partnership of the UUA
and the United Church of Christ (UCC), OWL is a health and sexuality program taught by trained facilitators. Using age-appropriate topics and materials, facili- tators aim to empower the youth to make informed and healthy choices and to navigate the risks and opportunities that often emerge at this time of their lives. This program is run in partnership with the First Church of Salem and meets outside of the typical religious education time.

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Programs for Older Youth

Our Whole Lives (OWL)

Coming of Age

Youth Group

Our Whole Lives (OWL)

Our congregation offers a comprehensive sexuality education curriculum called Our Whole Lives (O.W.L.) every two years. The next program starts in the fall of 2020. Read more about OWL here.

Coming of Age

Our Coming of Age for teens is a program that helps our youth in their journey toward young adulthood. Our youth start the process of deeply understanding what they have been learning about Unitarian Universalism in a more structured and committed way. Coming of Age is a faith journey. Every youth is paired with a mentor who helps guide them throughout the year. Lessons are planned around faith, exploring God concepts, good and evil, why bad things happen to good people, and life and death. The youth become involved in a service project, develop an elevator speech about what it means to be a Unitarian Universalist, and write a faith statement. Each youth reads their faith statement during a Celebration of Coming of Age in the spring.

Youth Group (15-18 years old)
Our Senior Youth program is designed for high school students who have typically gone through some earlier part of the Religious Education program. Our youth group meets weekly on Sundays and sometimes other evenings for social events, service projects or programs.  The group takes part in structured discussions and programming, along with social events, service projects, and occasional mission trips.

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