Hi Everyone,


We hope you are managing this evolving crisis in the best way possible. We wanted to update you on a few church items:


  • The church building is closed. Staff are working from home and can be reached at the email addresses listed below. Please do not go to the church building.


  • Sunday morning services and other programming is online. Consult the Weekly Update for how to view them or see basic Zoom info here.


  • The church has a number of ways to help you. Please see the more detailed information in the Weekly Update.


The Board, its committees, and church staff are still working on behalf of the congregation—that means YOU! Please feel free to reach out to us with any questions or if we can help.


Thank you and be well!


Michael Celona, Eileen Cummings, Rebecca Greene,
Jeff Gunther, Suzanne Forgione, Sarah Cecil, Ruth Griffin,

Mark Vander Linden, Scott Nowka

Contact Info:

Rev. Dr. Victoria Weinstein



Eileen Cummings, UUCGL President


978 835 7724


Elizabeth Muller, Business Administrator



Angie Kern, Administrative Assistant


Kenneth Griffith, Director of Music



Chris Hansen, Grants Coordinator



Claire Wilson, Pastoral Care Coordinator

781-595-8836 ext. 16