Inspired by meaningful worship, faith development and fellowship, we are a welcoming congregation committed to spiritual growth and diversity, social justice, and serving the greater community. Learn more about our values. 

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A Welcoming Congregation
A Welcoming Congregation

A Spiritual Home

If you’re looking for a liberal religious community that is a “Welcoming Congregation,” sees the sacred in the ordinary, draws wisdom from many religions, celebrates children, enjoys music, works for peace and justice and encourages every person to follow their own reason and conscience then you may have found your spiritual home.

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Friday April 24 – April 26

Ferry Beach Weekend
for availability


Saturday, May 2
600 Meatballs
10 am, Parish Hall
To benefit My Brother's Table

Saturday, May 9
Mother's Day Breakfast
10 am, Parish Hall
If you had or have a mother, you're invited!

In the Spirit — April

As I write this, the sunlight is strong through the windows but the air is frigid and the wind is howling through the streets. I am remembering when I lived in Minneapolis how the city residents would gather in Powderhorn Park one afternoon in May for a huge spring festival. The highlight of the day was an epic battle between Old Man Winter and the Sun God, played out by 8’ puppets in boats in the middle of Powderhorn Lake. Old Man Winter would paddle out to the center of the lake, cutting an intimidating figure and the Sun God would paddle out to meet him – also a majestic figure. The Sun God was accompanied by six small suns, each riding his own small canoe. As the sun puppeteers rowed out, the crowd would erupt into cheers. You couldn’t help it. Minnesota winters are brutal and this ritual was not just kid’s play for those who had survived another one.

As drummers raised a steady beat, the Sun God and Winter raised weapons and battled with dignified choreographed movements from their respective boats. We watched, breathless, until Old Man Winter, defeated, sank down and dissolved into the hull of his vessel. The crowd went wild and people would hug and kiss and even cry to welcome Spring. I wasn’t a steady church-goer at the time and really appreciated the power of that sacred ritual.

This is a season of resurrection and renewal. At church, we will have Palm Sunday and Easter services, and a
Passover Seder that connect us to our Christian and Jewish roots. Our Green Sanctuary Ministry Team will
engage us all in reflections about our spiritual connection to the ocean on Earth Day. We will gather at Ferry Beach (all ages and people are welcome!) for a church retreat at the end of the month to watch our children play and to share fresh air and fellowship.

We are grateful to our community for connecting us to that which is eternal, essential and life-giving. Let’s remember how many long for community and are looking for one and embrace April as “Bring a Friend To Church” month.

I am looking forward to all of it. Thanks be to God.

In faith, hope and love,
Rev. Vicki

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