Inspired by meaningful worship, faith development and fellowship, we are a welcoming congregation committed to spiritual growth and diversity, social justice, and serving the greater community.
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We are located at the end of a residential street -- a beautiful and tranquil refuge in the woods: 101 Forest Avenue, Swampscott, MA, 781-595-8836

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A Welcoming Congregation
A Welcoming Congregation

A Spiritual Home

If you’re looking for a liberal religious community that is a “Welcoming Congregation,” sees the sacred in the ordinary, draws wisdom from many religions, celebrates children, enjoys music, works for peace and justice and encourages every person to follow their own reason and conscience then you may have found your spiritual home.

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Sunday, June 7, 10 am
Annual Meeting 
During Service

Saturday, June 20,
10 am registration
North Shore Pride
Parade and Festival

Saturday, June 6
Circle Dinners
6 pm, Sign up by May 31

Saturday, June 13
Food Project
9 am to noon
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In the Spirit — June

We are in a happy season in the church where we review our program year and reflect on the fruits of our efforts. Some of the efforts we make are programmatic and goal-oriented: the board does policy work, the ministry teams facilitate fellowship, service and learning, the staff works toward the Vision of Ministry and to equip the church to be the community we say we are (and strive to be) in our covenant affirmation on Sunday mornings. Some of the work is internal and spiritual: did we take seriously our covenantal vows and Unitarian Universalist principles in our relationships and consider them in assessing our individual and communal impact on the wider community? Are we faithfully engaged in the task of spiritual growth? How do we assess that? As Scripture says, “by their fruits shall ye know them.” Internal and external work bears the fruit of peacefulness and concord in our hearts and our communities. It is a constantly challenging effort, and this is why we must encourage each other. How often did we forgive one another our shortcomings and screw-ups? How often did we celebrate and thank each other, and thank God for all that we are and all that we do? Celebration and forgiveness are foundational to strong community.

On June 7, we do the happy business of officially welcoming these individuals who chose to make a formal commitment to the congregation by signing the Membership Book:

Carla Moniz, Jeffrey Gunther, Marcy Gunther, Linda Macone, Melissa Gerson, Gavin McAuliffe, Anne-Marie Hakstian, Shauna Guidici, Amanda Shilo, Mark Shilo

Please make it your own commitment to get to know these people and to let them get to know you. Strong community gets stronger when we reach out and take the risk to know and be known.

Also on June 7, we formally thank Linda Enrico for serving the congregation for the past three years as our Membership and Volunteer Coordinator. We are grateful for her cheerful presence and work with our Nominating and Leadership Committee and Hospitality Ministry Team. We wish Linda all the best in her future endeavors with much affection.

See you at the Annual meeting!

In faith, hope and love,
Rev. Vicki


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