Inspired by meaningful worship, faith development and fellowship, we are a welcoming congregation committed to spiritual growth and diversity, social justice, and serving the greater community. Learn more about our values. 

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A Welcoming Congregation
A Welcoming Congregation

A Spiritual Home

If you’re looking for a liberal religious community that is a “Welcoming Congregation,” sees the sacred in the ordinary, draws wisdom from many religions, celebrates children, enjoys music, works for peace and justice and encourages every person to follow their own reason and conscience then you may have found your spiritual home.

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Ingathering and BBQ
Sunday, Sept 7, 10 am

Fixing Our Broken

Sunday, Sept 28, 11:30

Men's Breakfast
Saturday, September 20, 8:30 am

Covenanat Group
Sunday, September 21, 11:30 am

Dialogue Group
Sunday, September 28, 11:45 am

In the Spirit — September


Welcome to September, a new school year and the start-up season for our congregation.

This is when we re-group after the slower summer months and get busier with ministry team meetings and work, social justice outreach, social events, choir rehearsals, Sunday school classes for children, youth group for teenagers, and all kinds of programming.

This year, we will be organizing our worship services and religious education program around monthly themes. September’s theme is Sacred Space.

What makes a place sacred? Is it because something important happened there or something important is felt or experienced there? If a place is sacred to more than one group of people for different reasons, who lays claim to that space? What if one person thinks a certain place is the dwelling place of God, or beloved and honored spirits, and another person thinks it looks like the perfect place to put a shopping mall or a bus stop?

Where do you experience the sacred? What does that feel like? How does that place minister to you in a way that leads you to bring the love and holiness and peace you feel there into other places in your life?

We hope that the Unitarian Universalist Church of Greater Lynn will be a sacred space for all who gather here. Whoever you are, reading this, if you feel a desire in your heart for community, for a peaceful place and a worship experience that is designed to cultivate reverence and hope in a broken world, we hope you will join with us. We gather at 10 AM on Sunday mornings -- and that is just the beginning.

In faith, hope and love,

~ Rev. Vicki

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